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Lao tzu (the old master) is mainly known as the father of Taoism. He is also the author of the famous Tao Te Ching, translated the Book of Tao and Te.

He would have lived durinLao Tzu living the court to the Westg the life of Confucius and would have worked as the curator of the imperial archives in Chou. There he would have met Confucius to talk about rites (the subject matter of Confucian ethical philosophy).

Later on, disgusted by the decline of the court mores, Lao Tzu would have departed to the West. During his last journey he would have meet the Guardian of the pass who asked him to write a book of guidance. This way Tao Te Ching was born.

According to SSuma'Ch'ian Lao tzu philosophy stressed the urge to retreat from the public life and keep a low profile.

LaoTzu was the main inspiration of several Taoist masters such as Chuang Tzu, Lieh Tzu and Yang-tzu.

Part of his spiritual philosophy may be found also in the I Ching.

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