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I Ching Methods and Meaning 

A 10-lesson course for beginners


  • Course Description

I Ching (The Book of Changes) is the oldest book of divination used by Chinese emperors and their courtiers. The book was translated into many modern languages and is used today as a prophetic guide. Unfortunately it's very difficult to understand the symbols and the ancient language of the book in order to use it as an oracle.

This is why we made this guide intended for beginners. In short, we explain in plain words what this Book is, how to use it as a divinatory means, and the way you should interpret the Oracle's answers depending on the question asked.

Should you need to learn more, we offer a workshop upon the completion of the course.

  • Here are the lessons:

1. Basic Things One Must Know About Oracles
2. The First Encounter with the I Ching Oracle
3. Translations and Versions
4. Content of the Book
5. Usage of the Oracle (methods of asking questions)
6. The Oracle and the Life of the Couple
7. Business and the Oracle
8. Health and the Oracle
9. The Oracle in Political Life
10. Hints on Understanding the Meaning of the Answers

BONUS: I Ching Dictionary - explains the basics (PDF).

  • Online Quiz

Upon completing the course you may take the online quiz to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

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The course consists in ten lessons sent through email. You'll receive them on a schedule of one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them all.

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