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What is Taoism?

The word "Taoism" applies to several schools of thought, ideas and concepts. Thus, the Lao Tzu's Taoism, the best known in the Western culture, is a philosophical doctrine developed in the Tao Te Ching (Book of Tao and Te). This Taoist discipline is built around the concept-core of the Taoism, that is, the Tao.

Lao tzu worshipped as god picture
Lao Tzu worshipped as God
in the religious Taoism
There's also a Taoist religion. It has everything of a religious system, including gods, diets recipes, moral rules and liturgy.

Finally, there are many esoteric schools in search of longevity, alchemical recipes, health and sexual power, immortality and so forth.

I already said that the best know Taoism is presented in the Tao Te Ching , the book ascribe to Master Lao, also called Lao Tan.

This Taoism is a way of life followed by Master's disciples aiming at the realization of the unity with the Tao, seen as the creator and sustainer of everything in the universe, including man and nature.

This realization is important because it grants one the method of avoiding failure and suffering by following the trends of nature and keeping a low profile.

Many specific concepts are assigned to the Taoist spirituality, such as yin-yang, wu (emptiness), wu-wei (nondoing), fu (returning) and so forth. Unfortunately, most of them are mistaken by Westerners for classic Christian concepts and ideas.

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